Why Nuggets?

"The wisdom of the wise, and the experience of ages, may be preserved by quotation." - Isaac D'Israeli

Why nuggets, you may ask?

We live in a random world. This essentially means two things: first, we are not able to fully comprehend the causes of events that influence our everyday life; second, we are often not in a position to influence those events in order to overturn them and impact them in any significant way.

Things happen to us for no particular reason. One of human answers to this is to invent a reason or a purpose behind something that happens.

Instead of a comprehensive theory that seeks to find meaning in randomness, we aim to offer a collection of principles and heuristics - nuggets that will help you cope with the random world around you. Essentially, these nuggets should help you make better decisions every day and live a happier and more impactful life.

We believe nuggets are the best way to transfer knowledge and experience. You might read a book, hear a talk or go through an experience. But always, nuggets are the atomic units of what you have left. Nuggets are what remains with you.

Nuggets of Thought

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